A Nutritious Daily Snack for Happy, Healthy Chickens


Safely Grown

100% Natural Grubs, Farm-Grown in the USA


Stronger Eggshells

50x More Calcium than Mealworms


Healthier Feathers

Protein Packed for Healthy Feather Growth


Fall in Grub Love

Grubblies are a nourishing daily snack for happy,
healthy chickens.

Safer For Your Flock

Oven-dried Black Soldier Fly grubs,
farm-grown in the USA.

Stronger Eggshells

50x more calcium than
mealworms for strong eggshells.

Healthier Feathers

Packed with protein
for healthy feather growth.

USA-Grown Peace of Mind

Safety first. Say goodbye to those mounds of “Made in China” mealworms and hello to a happier, healthier flock.

One-Stop Shop for Calcium

Unlike mealworms, Grubblies have just the right amount of calcium and phosphorus for your chickens to get the nutrients they need for higher quality eggs.

Care for Molting Birds

Protein-rich Grubblies help your fluffy ones grow vibrant, strong feathers, essential during the the molting process.

“I feel much better knowing that they are made in the USA”

My chickens and ducks love Grubblies. Every morning I give them greens for breakfast with a sprinkling of Grubblies. I feel much better knowing that they are made in the USA and not processed in China. My dogs love them too!

-Cristina E.

"A huge difference in my bird’s feathers, egg production”

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my birds’ feathers, egg production and overall health. My birds’ feathers are so shiny, I receive endless compliments! Thank you Grubblies for what you do and your amazing team behind the company! We will forever be customers of yours!

-Brittany Z.

“Our experience has made us an official lifetime customer”

Much to our surprise, our three sick chickens started to slowly pick at the Grubblies that we put down in front of each of them. Our experience has made us an official lifetime customer and has made us love and appreciate our Grubblies on a whole new level!

-Stephanie P.

Grubblies at Your
Peck and Call

Busy as a bee? We’ll handle the Grubblies while you’re on the fly.

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Keep Your Grubblies
Fresh & Protected

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