Elder Oak Farms, North Carolina

The loss of [our chicken] Ivan left us paranoid about the heat, and for good reason. We ended up losing one of our Marans hens to the heat as well today, and we spent the rest of the day heavily monitoring the flock for signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Sure enough, two of our Marans hens and our remaining Marans, Igor, were all looking pretty bleak - barely able to stand and not eating, drinking, or even moving around. So, we brought them all inside to our laundry room where they will (hopefully) be staying for the next few days.

Once we got them settled in the laundry room, we tried to convince the three pitiful chickens to try to eat literally anything - every berry known to man, sweet potatoes, watermelon, the usual favorite hardboiled egg yolks etc. Nothing... no drinking, no eating, and worsening dehydration and malnutrition.

Sad, stressed, and losing hope, we finally had an idea...

Enter Grubbly Farms’ Grubblies. Much to our surprise, our three sick chickens started to slowly pick at the Grubblies that we put down in front of each of them.

After their Grubblies appetizer, the chickens started to pick at some grain and some of the fruits and veggies we had tried to feed them earlier. It was in this most glorious moment that we finally felt hopeful for these chickens again. This will go down in Elder Oaks Farm history as the best Grubblies happy hour ever.

Igor and our two girls aren’t quite out of the woods yet, but thanks to Grubbly Farms and their wonderful product, our three chickens are starting to look like they have a fighting chance. We love supporting small businesses and we have loved Grubblies since we first discovered them, but our experience today has made us an official lifetime customer and has made us love and appreciate our Grubblies on a whole new level!

To the entire Grubbly Farms team, we are so thankful for you and for the nutritious treats you provide to our chickens. You truly made a difference for our flock today!

-Stephanie P. @elderoakfarms