Now that you know some of the strange truths about commercial layer feed, you’ll love learning about the benefits of fueling your flock the way nature intended.

Grubbly Layer Feed is the world’s first naturally balanced feed, made with nutrient-rich black soldier fly grubs and wholesome plant-based ingredients.

Chickens Naturally Forage for Insects, Not Fish!

If you let your flock wander the yard, they’ll naturally scratch and peck the ground for insects and plants. When chickens dig up our gardens, they are looking for insects and grubs. Chances are, they won’t go swimming for fish.

Conventional feeds add fish, soy, and fillers to provide the protein and essential amino acids found in insects. 

With insect-based layer feed, backyard chicken owners can give their flock a natural feed they love, packed grub protein, along with nourishing plant-based ingredients. Just like chickens would get in nature.

The fishmeal used in conventional feeds is generally manufactured from wild-caught small marine fish deemed not suitable for human consumption. The fishmeal also includes other fish and seafood collected accidentally and byproducts of processing fish (like waste and offal).

Forage fish are vital to healthy oceans, yet they’re churned into fishmeal as a key source of protein in chicken feed, which is mass-produced and labeled as “natural”.

Nearly 10% of the ocean’s catch is ground up into fishmeal to feed pets and livestock, causing devastating effects further up the food chain.

While soybean meal (an alternative protein to fishmeal) is a good source of plant protein, much of what is used in conventional feeds often come from GMO sources.

The production of soybean meal also contributes greatly to environmental and social degradation problems in the Amazon and other parts of the world, where many forests are cleared for the harvesting of soybeans.

Choose Grubs. Not Fish or Soy!

Grubbly Layer Feed uses farm-grown, sustainably harvested black soldier fly grubs as a key source of protein. Never fish or soy. In other words, the protein used is just as natural and healthy for your flock as it is kind to our planet.

Grubbly's grubs are harvested on FDA-approved grub farms around the world, and fed diet of pre-consumer food waste including fruits, vegetables, and grains.

The rise of grub protein in pet food will not only provide relief to our oceans, it will also combat our global food waste issue.

An estimated 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally each year (and growing). In the USA alone, over 52 millions tons of food is wasted every year before ever reaching the end consumer.

Rather than sending the food waste to a landfill, the grubs gobble up the food (ultimately recycling the food into organic matter).

Rather than hurting the planet (like fishmeal and soy), grub protein makes a positive environmental impact! They help reduce food waste from landfills, while also reducing the amount of chickens that are consuming fish-based feeds (that are hurting our oceans).

With Grub-based layer feed (that does not contain soy and fishmeal), your flock can stay happily nourished while keeping our planet healthy too.

Taste and See the Difference

When you replace your fishy feeds with fresh, sweet-smelling grub-based feed, you have to wonder… how will this affect the taste of my eggs?  

It’s a difference you’ll see and taste.

Healthier Eggs for Your Family

Grubbly Layer Feed provides laying hens with a healthier diet than conventional feed with an optimal balance of nutrients for thicker eggshells and better egg production.

With nutrient-dense gifts from the earth - like farm-grown grubs and fresh marigold, you’ll notice brighter, creamier, and tastier yolks, and resulting in a healthier egg for your family.


Hens require eggstra calcium to help them lay strong, healthy eggshells. Due to the lack of quality feeds and "treats" on the market prior to 2015, chickens have needed additional calcium sources like oyster shells to avoid thin eggshells.

Unless you are feeding a zero-dust feed, it's common to have a feed where the calcium and other essential nutrients float to the bottom as dust (making it impossible for any chicken to eat it). This creates more waste and results in lower quality nutrition for chickens. This often means thin eggshells.

Black soldier fly grubs are the only insect in nature to have a 3-1 calcium to phosphorous ratio for optimal nutrient absorption. In other words, your flock will receive the full nutrients, without needing extra calcium supplements like oyster shells.

Don't miss this! Black soldier fly grubs and mealworms are not interchangeable. They are two different insects with different levels of nutrients for your flock. You can learn how grubs and mealworms compare here.

Mealworms require oyster supplements in order for chickens to absorb the nutrients. Grubs have over 50x more calcium than mealworms to help chickens lay higher quality eggshells. You do not oyster supplements with grub protein.  

Strong, Beautiful Feathers

Grubbly Layer Feed is also packed with protein and essential amino acids necessary for the production of healthy, shiny feathers.

To keep your flock healthy when molting, you’ll need to provide extra protein to help them regrow their feathers. Rather than switching feeds, you can provide some extra protein-packed grubs to supplement their diet during their little rough patch.

Nutrition the Way Nature Intended

In addition to the proteins, essential amino acids and nutrients your chickens will get from black soldier fly grubs, Grubbly Layer Feed uses premium plant-based ingredients that play a key role in the health of your chickens:

  •     Peas – Vegetable protein, vitamin nutrition and fiber.
  •     Sunflower Seeds – Provides energy, protein and nutrients.
  •     Flax Seed – An additional source for vital omega-3s.
  •     Marigold Extract – A natural food coloring for rich, creamy yolks.
  •     Dietary Fat - Provides energy, helps absorb nutrients, & stimulates cell growth.
  •     Whole Grains - Promotes healthy digestion

Grubbly Layer Feed Gives Love to the Planet

Every time you nourish your flock with Grubbly Layer Feed, you’re showing love to our planet too!

Grubbly's black soldier fly grubs are sustainably harvested and packed with protein. Not only are they a superfood for chickens, they're also a superhero for the planet.


Choosing Grubbly

With Grubbly Layer Feed, our chickens can return to their roots with ingredients they naturally love. Together, we can ditch the soy, fish, and fillers to keep our feathered families happily nourished with grubs and plants, the way nature intended.

✔ Happy, energetic chickens
✔ Strong, protective feathers
✔ Firm, healthy eggshells
✔ Rich, Creamy Yolks
✔ Gives Love to the Planet