How to Avoid Pet Food From China

The Scary Truth

Today, an alarming amount of pet food comes from China where food safety is a concern.  

As dog and cat owners protect their fluffy ones from hidden "Product of China" labels, backyard chicken owners are stuck with limited choices when it comes to food for their flock. In fact, the majority of all grubs and mealworms on the market are from China.

Here are some easy tips to read tricky food labels, and help you make the best decision for your fluffy family.

How to Avoid Hidden “Made in China” Labels

Label Check

A good rule of thumb is to check the front of the packaging. If it doesn't say where it’s grown on the front, it's likely not grown in North America.  

✓ “Packaged in the USA” is not the same as "Grown in the USA."

✓ American Flags do not necessarily indicate USA-Grown.

✓ Titles and headlines can be misleading. Be sure to read the fine print.

✓ If the food is from China, it’s typically written in small letters on the back.

Price Check

Whenever you see a significant price difference between locally grown grubs and another brand, the other snack is likely from China.

 ✓ Grubs at a cheaper price are likely from China, unless clearly stated otherwise.

✓ USDA and FDA-Approved grubs do not necessarily mean it’s from the USA.

✓ Locally grown grubs in the USA and Canada come at a premium (like any local protein).

Dig a Little Further

If you’re still uncertain where the your protein comes from, there are other ways to find out. Chances are, someone else has done their research too.

Look at the product reviews. Have customers complained about hidden labels?

✓ Ask a question on social media. Leave a comment to see who will reply.

✓ Ask the company. Send an email to ask someone directly.

Making the Best Choice For Your Flock

At Grubbly Farms, you can expect easy-to-read, clear labels to help you find the best snacks and feed for the fluffy family. No need to read in between the lines. We’ll just say it.

1. Choose grubs as a protein: This will ensure your flock is getting a specific level of nutrients. By choosing black soldier fly grubs over mealworms, you will ensure that you are giving your flock an excellent source of protein for healthy, protective feathers. Plus, they’ll get 50x more calcium than mealworms for stronger, healthier eggshells.

2. Choose where your grubs are grown: You can get locally grown protein, or grubs from around the world. Which option you choose is simply a matter of preference and budget.

      Grubblies - grubs locally grown in the USA and soon Canada
      Grubblies World Harvest - grubs grown around the world (never China)

3. Choose the amount: This depends on size of your flock and any other pets that snack on grubs too like dogs and cats. Just like you buy any protein at the market, Grubblies are priced by the pound. At Grubbly, the more you buy, the more you save per pound.

      Grubblies - from $16.99
      Grubblies World Harvest - from $12.99