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Emergency Measures for a Chicken Suffering from Heat Stroke

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you will still end up with a chicken that gets heat stroke. Signs of heat stroke include lethargy, heavy panting and extreme body heat. 

5 Signs of a Healthy Chicken

Healthy chickens are happy chickens. Below are 5 signs your flock is receiving the quality nutrition and care they need.

3 Sick Chickens Refused to Eat... Until This

3 Sick Chickens Refused to Eat... Until This Grubbly Spotlight Elder Oak Farms, North Carolina The loss of [our chicken] Ivan left us paranoid about the heat, and for good reason. We ended up losing one of our Marans hens...

5 Ways to Keep Your Flock Cool This Summer

Chickens need relief from those hot summer scorchers to prevent heat stress, a dangerous illness. Learn tips and tricks to keep your flock cool and healthy all summer long!