Flock Star Special


Save $27 on Grubbly feed and snacks!

*Ends Friday Night, 08/27

Nourish your flock with feed chickens naturally love, made with farm-fresh grubs, vegetables, and whole grains. Plus, you'll receive a reusable tub filled with locally grown, dried black soldier fly grubs, rich in protein to fuel your flock this molting season.

✓ 30 Lb Bag of Grubbly Layer Crumbles
✓ 5 Lb Grubblies Love Tub

$104.98 $77.98

Pecktacular Reviews from Our Peeps

Your girls will love Grubblies!

Grubblies are dried black soldier fly grubs,
a healthy daily snack that chickens love!

Easier Round Up

Grab Grubblies at snack time
and get surrounded with love.
They'll come running!

Stronger Eggshells

Get 50x more calcium than
mealworms with every peck.
More cluck for your buck!

Healthier Feathers

Grubblies are packed with protein
for strong, healthy feathers
Essential when molting!