Grub Love Letters

“With Grubblies, our chickens look far less tragic and regrow feathers more quickly, which means they're able to resume laying eggs sooner.

You can't argue with those results! I'm a satisfied Grubblies customer and can't dream of going back to mealworms! As I often say with enthusiasm... #GoGrubbliesorGoHome!”

-Marykay M.

"Thanks to the love of Grubblies, with just a shake of the bag… our happy girls are trained to run, fly, or just plain dash back to their coop for the night.

Our girls’ protein-rich, delicious eggs are sought after by bakers because (thanks to Grubblies) their cakes are fluffier and their meringues peaks are higher & stiffer!

Since having Grubblies, our chickens feathers are worthy of being in the queens hat! (Not that we would ever do such a thing!)."

-Shelley F. @fallenoakfarms

"How can I say this enough – thank you to the Grubbly Farm team! Not only do Grubblies provide amazing health benefits, but they’ve also created this great bond between my chickens and I. We’ve tried several treats before Grubblies and none of them stir up the excitement from my birds, when they see the bag come out, like our Grubblies bag does. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my birds’ feathers, egg production and overall health! My birds’ feathers are so shiny, I receive endless compliments! Thank you Grubblies for what you do and your amazing team behind the company!

We will forever be customers of yours!"

-Brittany Z. @thelittlewhitecoop

“Grubblies > Mealworms & Scratch! My chickens go crazy when they see the green bag. And if we run out...oh boy. The judgement in their eyes is something fierce. I feel good about feeding them a nutritious snack that’s made right here in America!”

-Sam B.

"My chickens and ducks love Grubblies. Every morning I give them greens for breakfast with a sprinkling of Grubblies. I feel much better knowing that they are made in the USA and not processed in China. My dogs love them too!"

-Christina E. @masterjing

"We are new to Grubblies but the girls went crazy for them instantly! The fact that they are made sustainably and in the US is a huge selling point for me but also how high in protein they are compared to mealworms. So far great service and it's safe to say you have some very satisfied customers! We are sold!"

- Samantha M.

"My chickens ADORE these things. I just have to shake the bag and they come SPRINTING across the yard. They’ve helped me relocate them into a new coop that they previously weren’t interested in exploring. And they smell good enough for me to eat! (But I won’t!) Thank you so much for this product!!"

-Keri B.

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