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Grubblies are an all-natural snack that provide the nutrients and minerals for happier, healthier chickens.

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Fall in Grub Love

Grubblies are a nourishing daily snack for happy, healthy chickens.

Safely Harvested

Grubblies are farm-grown
and oven-baked in the USA.
100% Natural & FDA-approved.

Stronger Eggshells

One handful of Grubblies has
more calcium than 5 pounds of
mealworms for healthier eggs.

Healthier Feathers

Protein-packed Grubblies
help chickens grow stronger,
healthier feathers.

Delivers Daily Nutrients


34% Min


3% Max

Dietary Fat

32% Min


0.8% Max


1.1% Max


10% Max

Feeding Instructions

Grubblies are a snack that should comprise 5-10% of your
flock's diet, or a small handful per chicken daily

How Much Do Your Need

A 1 lb bag of Grubblies feeds
up to 5 chickens each month

For Chicks (3+ Weeks)

Feed a daily pinch of Grubblies per
chick for healthier feather growth

Subscription Benefits at Your
Peck and Call

Busy as a bee? We’ll handle the Grubblies while you’re on the fly.

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