Grubblies Subscription - 6 LBS

Grubblies Subscription - 6 LBS


For Happier, Healthier Chickens

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100% Natural, Oven-dried
Black Soldier Fly Grubs

Safer for your Flock

Oven-Dried Soldier Fly Grubs
Farm-Grown in the USA.
100% Natural & Nutritious!

Stronger Eggshells

50x More Calcium than
Mealworms for Strong Shells.
More Cluck for Your Buck!

Healthier Feathers

Packed with Protein for
Healthy Feather Growth.
Hello Flawless Feathers!

Delivers Daily Nutrients


34% Min


3% Max

Dietary Fat

32% Min


0.8% Min


1.1% Min


10% Max

Feeding Instructions

Grubblies are a snack that should comprise 5-10% of your
flock's diet, or a small handful per chicken daily

How Much Do You Need

A 1 lb bag of Grubblies feeds
up to 5 chickens each month

For Chicks (3+ Weeks)

Feed a daily pinch of Grubblies per
chick for healthier feather growth

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