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Healthy Dog Treats ‚ÄĘ ADULT DOGS

  • Vroomies - Grubbly Farms
  • Soft Chews (Unavailable) - Grubbly Farms
  • Vroomies - Grubbly Farms
  • Vroomies - Grubbly Farms
  • Soft Chews (Unavailable) - Grubbly Farms
  • Vroomies - Grubbly Farms
  • Vroomies - Grubbly Farms


    Healthy Dog Treats ‚ÄĘ ADULT DOGS

    Give your pup a delicious healthy dog treat made with grubs, a sustainable and novel protein. Vroomies soft chews are baked in the USA with wholesome, natural ingredients like sweet potato and pumpkin, natural sources of antioxidants for mobility and fiber for digestion. Unlike traditional dog treats, we blend farm-fresh superfoods, such as sunflower seeds and turmeric, with grub protein to provide our pups with clean fuel that’s gentle on the tummy and packed with more protein than steak. They’ll come running for Vroomies!

    vroomies dog snacks
    Soft Chews
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    • Protein-Rich
    • Natural Antioxidants
    • Baked in the USA
      • Limited ingredients & novel protein, perfect for dogs with food sensitivities
      • Essential oils to promote holistic wellness, including mobility
      • Limited ingredients, baked in the USA
      • Made with antioxidant-rich ingredients for vibrant energy
      • Clean all-natural grub protein for sensitive tummies
      • Sweet potato & pumpkin for grain-free carbs
      • Farm-fresh & sustainable for healthy pups & planet
    • Made with: Sustainably grown black soldier fly grubs, green peas, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, pumpkin, peppermint oil & other essential oils

      Made without: Unsustainable protein like soy, fish, beef, and poultry, funky byproducts, hormones, GMO foods, fillers & artificial ingredients

      • Feed Vroomies in moderation as a nourishing daily treat
      • Wholesome, delicious, and healthy for adult dogs of all sizes
      • A great training aid or reward as part of a healthy, balanced diet
      • Store in a dry, cool place & enjoy within a year for optimal freshness
      • Serving Suggestions:
        1-8 lbs: 1 treat daily
        9-22 lbs: 2-3 treats daily
        23-44 lbs: 4-5 treats daily
        45-70 lbs: 6-7 treats daily
        71-90 lbs: 8-9 treats daily

    Better protein for our pups & planet

    Our playful, adventurous fur balls love to explore‚ÄĒchasing, sniffing, and eating insects. While there are many types of meats that dogs instinctively enjoy, black soldier fly grubs are the cleanest, best protein for our pets and planet. Every harvest of oven-dried grubs is sustainably grown and naturally packed with more protein than prime rib steak. With grub protein at the heart of our recipes, we can give our fluffy ones the world without harming our planet.

    Farm-Fresh, Sustainable dog treats

    Every bag makes a big difference

    vroomies_dog snacks

    Made with sustainable grub protein

    Low carbon pawprint to keep our air clean

    Loved by Mother Nature and her pups

    Recycles 2.25 lbs of food waste, lightening our landfills

    • Unlike traditional dog treats, Vroomies are made with sustainably harvested grubs and vegetables to support the health of our pups, and our planet. By switching dogs to a healthy treat made with oven-dried grubs, we can fuel our dogs with a sustainable meat‚ÄĒpacked with more protein than prime rib steak.¬†Our grubs are¬†grown on sustainable farms (recycling fruits, veggies, and grains that would normally go to waste) and are completely natural (nothing added = as clean as protein gets).¬†

      Plus, Vroomies contain a proprietary blend of plant-based oils, extracts, and antioxidants to boost dexterity and keep your dog playing like a pup, no matter their age. The secret ingredient? Polyphenols, specifically Thymol. Polyphenols and Thymol have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and joint inflammation.

    • Yes! Vroomies are made with simple, all-natural, limitedingredients, including grubs, a novel protein, and sweet potato and pumpkin for easy-to-digest fiber. If your dog struggles with most commercial dog treats, you may be looking to provide clean, natural foods to keep your dog feeling their best. Unlike dog treats made with common forms of meat (like chicken or beef), Vroomies are made with sustainably grown grubs, which are shown to be easy on dogs‚Äô tummies. With sustainable, wholesome ingredients, our all-natural soft and chewy treats are free of fillers and artificial additives, so you know exactly what your dog is eating. Plus, every snack provides a healthy source of carbohydrates from grain-free sweet potatoes and peas. So, you can feel good about providing a healthy dog treat that is gentle on digestion and easy on the earth.

    • While Vroomies offer a delicious treat, made with a novel protein and limited ingredients, they are not labeled as ‚Äúhypoallergenic.‚ÄĚ However, they feature only wholesome ingredients, high in fiber and protein to support an active, happy life. Many pet parents opt for Vroomies since they‚Äôre made with grub protein. Novel proteins, such as grub protein, offer a way for dog parents to reward their pups with less worry about upset tummies or other discomforts.

    • Yes! Vroomies are made with wholesome, all natural ingredients that are healthy for our fluffy ones, and our planet. Every batch of oven-baked snacks has a touch (less than 1%) of all-natural oils derived from plants. The essential oils used in Vroomies are approved by AAFCO as safe ingredients for dogs. Compounds found in these botanicals, specifically thymol, have been known to support mobility and joint resilience while reducing inflammation. Like many foods, a touch of essential oils goes a long way to benefit the health of our dogs.

    • Pea protein, dried black soldier fly larvae¬†(grubs), coconut glycerin, sweet potato, pumpkin, natural flavor, dehulled sunflower seeds, sunflower lecithin, licorice oil, thyme oil, locust bean extract, green tea extract, eugenol oil, peppermint oil, Chinese cinnamon bark oil, citrus peels oil, menthol oil, sunflower oil, anise oil, ginger oil, turmeric extract, citric acid (to preserve freshness), mixed tocopherols (to naturally preserve freshness), rosemary extract¬†

      *Crafted in the USA with the highest quality, sustainable foods from around the earth.  

      **Not for human consumption. Those allergic to shellfish may be sensitive to Vroomies. 



      Crude Protein............................................... 37.00% min   

      Crude Fat....................................................... 5.00% min   

      Crude Fiber................................................... 7.00% max    

    Love from our Grubbly family

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