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🇺🇸 Shop our 4th of July Grubblies Special here! 🇺🇸

Over 13 million lbs of food wasterecycled

🇺🇸 Shop our 4th of July Grubblies Special here! 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Shop our 4th of July Grubblies Special here! 🇺🇸

Over 13 million lbs of food wasterecycled

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The Truth Behind Most Commercial Chicken Feed - What They Don’t Tell You

by Hailey Dray | 03.30.2020
The Truth Behind Most Commercial Chicken Feed - What They Don’t Tell You

Chicken Feed Ingredients - The Strange Thing All Layer Feeds Have in Common

Let's discuss what's in chicken feed. Nearly all layer feeds contain soy, fishmeal, or fillers to give chickens the nutrients that they would naturally get while foraging outside for plants and insects.

In fact, prior to 2019, all commercial layer feeds excluded insect protein, an essential part of a chicken’s natural diet. Today, nearly all premium poultry feeds contain either soy or fishmeal, a protein chickens don’t naturally forage for outside.
What’s natural about giving our chickens fish from the ocean? How do these “fishy” ingredients make our eggs taste? How is this hurting our overfished oceans?

Here’s the catch- like fishmeal, every ingredient that goes into food for pets has to be approved by the FDA and The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO is an independent organization who works closely with the FDA and USDA) for every type of animal. This includes pet chickens. It wasn’t until 2019 when the FDA and AAFCO approved black soldier fly larvae as a healthy feed ingredient for poultry feed.

Now that black soldier fly grubs are approved by the FDA to nourish chickens the way nature intended, you’ll start seeing grub-based feeds for your chickens (the way it should be).

Soon, those fishmeal feeds will become a thing of the past, especially as the health of our oceans continue to deteriorate, causing a shift in our current agricultural system. Sustainably raised, healthy grubs will be the primary source of protein chickens, the way nature intended. Plus, you’ll happily kiss fishmeal-feeds goodbye when you learn how healthy grub-based feed is for your chickens and the planet.

The Truth behind “Natural” Feeds:

While most commercial layer feeds claim to be “natural,” this term is frequently marketed and entirely unregulated by the FDA.

Unfortunately, we need to do our homework with our pet food and cannot rely on a quick glance at the label for some most brands. This becomes especially important for backyard chicken owners who are feeding their family and friends with the eggs that their hens lay.

So what makes a layer feed actually natural?

The key to a natural diet is to start with what chickens eat in nature, and then craft a recipe as close to that as possible with nutrient-dense gifts from the earth, vitamins, and minerals. The natural diet of chickens includes a mix of insects and plants to help them stay strong, healthy and happy.

When chickens forage, they dig and search for grubs, all sorts of bugs, and occasionally, small animals like lizards and frogs. As they forage, they also gobble up various vegetation and plants.

Chickens are actually not vegetarians. They are hunters, scavengers and omnivores. Plus, they’ll even beg for food, just like other pets. It’s up to us to provide the healthiest, most natural diet they can get.

Provide Your Modern Backyard Dinosaurs with a Naturally Balanced Diet with Insects and Plants:

If you are one of many chicken moms or dads who is looking for a healthy, natural, and completely fish-free diet for your chickens, Grubbly Farms introduced the world’s first of its kind.

And it’s not just chickens who have been gobbling up this sweet-smelling, fresh, grub-based feed. Ducks, quail, turkeys, peafowl, and geese are loving it too.

Grubbly Fresh Pecks is the world’s first naturally-balanced feed that replaces fishmeal with black soldier fly grub protein, packed with nutrients. It’s made with farm-grown insect protein and plant-based ingredients, empowering you to feed your flock the way nature intended.

With a healthy mix of grubs, plants, essential amino-acids, vitamins, and minerals, you can keep your whole feathered family strong, healthy and happy.

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