Stock up and save with our new product bundles!

Stock up and save with our new product bundles!

Our Values

Proud of what we're made of

All-natural sustainable pet food and treats made with grubs and farm-fresh ingredients for healthy pets and planet.

Black soldier fly Grubs,
nature’s perfect protein.

When the most nutritious option is the option your pet instinctively craves—let them eat bugs! Black soldier fly grubs aren’t just a sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources, they’re the natural, healthy choice for your pet too.

BSF grubs are packed with protein and fat, and have an ideal essential amino acid profile—most notably calcium, phosphorus, methionine and lysine. What does that mean? Optimal mineral absorption, ensuring your fluffy friends receive the necessary building blocks to thrive.

Highest harvesting quality and sourcing ethics in the world

Not all grubs are created equal. To ensure we’re getting only the best of the best for your pets, Grubbly Farms sources grubs worldwide from only the farms that maintain the strictest EU criteria. This means they're not only US FDA approved, but also grown to the highest grub standards in the world.

Going the Distance

Grubs are fascinating for their ability to consume a wide range of organic materials. Since grubs aren’t picky, we are. Our black soldier fly grubs consume fruits, veggies, and grains, ensuring nothing harmful passes through to your pet except clean protein and top-notch nutrition.

Because not all farms are required to follow the same governing standards, we search far and wide to make sure we can deliver on our promise to use the highest quality grubs.

View official EU standard

Sourcing the best grubs, worldwide

What we leave out of our recipes is just as important as what we put in.

It all starts with nutritious grubs that are rich in protein and calcium. Then we mix in farm-fresh vegetables and whole grains to make a wholesome superfood that will help keep your pets happy and healthy.

Ingredients bursting with nutrition

Responsibly harvested black soldier fly grubs
Containing roughly 40% protein, 28% fat, 10% fiber, and 3% calcium, grubs are the healthy more sustainable option.
Farm-fresh vegetables
We use fresh vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals for healthy feathers and a strong immune system.
Whole grains
Whole grains and seeds are good energy sources and provide a healthy balance of fatty acids and antioxidants.
Essential vitamins and minerals
It’s important to have a proper balance of vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiencies that could cause stress or illness.
Probiotics help to boost egg productivity, aid in digestion, support immunity and increase growth rates.

Things we’ll never feed your pets

Soy can have negative health effects by causing deficiencies in vital vitamins and minerals.
Corn is high in calories and low in fatty and amino acids affecting the nutritional quality of your hen’s eggs
Fish and fishmeal actually contain too much protein which can lead to kidney issues and obesity in chickens and cause fish-flavored eggs.
Fillers and additives
Fillers and additives can cause digestive issues and negatively affect egg production.
Animal byproducts
Using animal byproducts in feed can cause illnesses resulting in an increased use of antibiotics.

A superfood for our pets and a superhero for our planet

When it comes to the good things grubs can do, nourishing our pets is just the beginning. Here are a few ways grubs give love to the earth.

Rescue Food Waste
Food waste accounts for nearly 7% of all global carbon emissions. That’s why we rescue leftover fruits, veggies, and grains that would otherwise go to a landfill to use for growing our grubs. The result is for every 1lb of grubs produced, 10lbs of food waste gets recycled.
Pounds of food waste diverted to date:
Cleaner Air
By recycling food waste, grubs prevent millions of pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Raising grubs produces over 4 times less carbon dioxide equivalent than soy.
Pounds of greenhouse gasses avoided to date:
Healthier Oceans
Nearly 10% of the fish caught from our oceans is turned into fishmeal used in pet and animal feeds. By utilizing grub protein instead of fishmeal protein, we provide relief to our overfished oceans, helping to protect tens of thousands of fish per year.
Pounds of fish conserved to date:
Our Story

The Aha! Moment

While students at Georgia Tech, co-founders Patrick Pittaluga and Sean Warner realized the untapped potential of the sustainable and nutritious grub. It was onward and grubward from there!
A Clean Start
With relentless curiosity, they started breeding flies in the laundry room of their dorm. They were driven by the belief that there must be a better way to help pets thrive while reducing impact on the planet. And from those humble beginnings, Grubbly Farms was on the horizon.
Taking Off

Grubbly Farms set a new industry standard for chicken feed and treats, becoming the leading premium name for happy, healthy backyard chickens. Engineering pet food with unmatched quality and innovation in sustainability is what fuels our mission.

Looking ahead

Someday, in greener pastures, we hope people look back and wonder why the world’s pets weren’t always fed grubs. As our company grows, so does our impact. Please join us!

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