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Stock up and save with our new product bundles!

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5.0 star rating

Great for teaching

"I love Grubblies for my chickens. When they see or hear the bucket, they are waiting for me to enter their pen. I use the grubbies to teach my chickens to eat out of my hand. Definitely makes them happy and they lay eggs more when we give them Grubblies daily."

5.0 star rating

Happy ladies

"Our three ladies love their crumbles and their 'bugs' as they know the treats. Definitely noticed a difference in egg quality since we switched. Our chickens free-range and used to mostly ignore their feed, but not Grubbly’s Fresh Pecks. This feed also ferments well when we need to mix things up."

5.0 star rating

My Babies absolutely LOVE this food!

"I reviewed all of the ingredients and was amazed and satisfied with how healthy, farm fresh, and earth-friendly Little Pecks feed is with no fillers or additives. Our babies are growing very nicely, strong, and with beautiful feathers. We also purchased a bag of Grubblies and boy do they come running for them (LOL) they absolutely love them. Rich in protein, healthy for their feathers and egg, all natural grubs, and no sprays or additives. We absolutely love these 2 products!! We will definitely be purchasing more feed from Grubbly Farms."

Frequently Asked Questions

Grubblies are a healthy snack of ethically sourced, oven-dried black soldier fly grubs. Omega Mix is a variety of nutrient-dense ingredients that can be used as a daily feed topper or a snack.    

Both provide positive nutrition & benefits. Grubblies pack that extra calcium and protein punch and are rich in lysine—essential nutrients that aid in feather growth which is great year-round, but especially beneficial for your girls during molting season and colder months. Omega Mix is bursting with antioxidants, trace minerals, and omegas—key nutrients for healthy, omega-rich eggs.

Flock owners can use them differently or similarly; it just depends on your goals and feeding habits. You can use Omega Mix as a supplement to aid in omega-enriched eggs. You can also simply embrace the nutrient-dense variety in the mix and use it as a healthy snack. Whether you’re on a mission to bolster the nutrient value in your eggs or simply mix up your snack game, your chickens will be thrilled either way.   

If you’re hoping to naturally aid in increasing omega content in eggs, we’d recommend following the feeding guide and mixing into feed.   

If you’re using as a snack, we recommend alternating it with Grubblies. They’re a nice treat for hand feeding, scattering on the ground for free ranging, or a little something special to get them back to the coop, just as you probably use Grubblies!

While Fresh Pecks is formulated to exceed your chickens’ daily needs and maximize their health, sometimes additional supplements are needed. Your flock’s diet is built around their daily nutritional requirements. No matter how high the quality of feed, a supplement is for stressors and circumstances—internal or external—when your flock would benefit from a boost: outside toxins & pollutants, extreme changes in temp, new flock mate, bird flu, transportation, coccidiosis, etc.  

Depending on the nutrition and trace minerals/quality of the provided feed, you may or may not need to supplement more frequently. We recommend prioritizing a healthy diet first, and then supplement at least once a week. A supplement should not be a replacement for a quality diet.   

The goal at Grubbly Farms is to create a holistic approach to overall wellness so your ladies can thrive, minimizing illness and visits to the veterinarian.

Most definitely. Depending on the individual bird or flock needs, you may choose to supplement with one or both.

To support overall flock health and especially in times of stress, it’s perfectly acceptable, even ideal, to use both, but if you want to stair step, we recommend starting with Prebiotics + Probiotics and building from there.


Grubbly Farms is committed to providing feeds and snacks that are wholesome and healthy for flocks, pets, and the planet. Fillers like soy can lead to a variety of health issues for chickens, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Additionally, soybeans are a water-intense crop that often requires the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides which can harm our planet. 

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