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Farm-fresh, natural chicken feed & snacks

Chickens naturally forage for insects for good reason, they provide a boost of protein, calcium, and are the ultimate tasty treat in the wild. We power our chicken feeds with dried insects, farm-fresh vegetables, and whole grains for a robust daily diet. Why not feed your flock what they love?

Chickens & Flocks

Natural chicken feed & snacks

Chicken feeds with dried black soldier fly grubs, farm-fresh vegetables, and whole grains for a robust daily diet.

  • Natural food for
    our foraging friends

  • Packed with protein for fluffy, strong feathers

  • Sustainable ingredients for a healthy planet

5.0 star rating

Great for teaching

"I love Grubblies for my chickens. When they see or hear the bucket, they are waiting for me to enter their pen. I use the grubbies to teach my chickens to eat out of my hand. Definitely makes them happy and they lay eggs more when we give them Grubblies daily."

5.0 star rating

Happy ladies

"Our three ladies love their crumbles and their 'bugs' as they know the treats. Definitely noticed a difference in egg quality since we switched. Our chickens free-range and used to mostly ignore their feed, but not Grubbly’s Fresh Pecks. This feed also ferments well when we need to mix things up."

5.0 star rating

My Babies absolutely LOVE this food!

"I reviewed all of the ingredients and was amazed and satisfied with how healthy, farm fresh, and earth-friendly Little Pecks feed is with no fillers or additives. Our babies are growing very nicely, strong, and with beautiful feathers. We also purchased a bag of Grubblies and boy do they come running for them (LOL) they absolutely love them. Rich in protein, healthy for their feathers and egg, all natural grubs, and no sprays or additives. We absolutely love these 2 products!! We will definitely be purchasing more feed from Grubbly Farms."

Frequently Asked Questions

Grubbly Farms provides your flock with foods they naturally forage for in the wild like insect protein, vegetables, and whole grains. With naturally harvested grub protein at the heart of every recipe, you can fuel your flock with clean protein, free of antibiotics, chemicals, and funky byproducts. This approach begins with our grubs, which are farm-grown without any antibiotics or chemicals before being gently oven-dried. We only use GMO-free, farm-fresh veggies and whole grains. Plus, you won’t find any funky byproducts or chemical preservatives in our feeds. With every peck, your flock can enjoy a nourishing, natural recipe inspired by foods they instinctively love.

Yes, all of our Grubbly products are 100% soy-free and GMO-free.  

All Grubbly Farms’ chicken feeds and snacks are GMO-free. Our grubs are never treated with chemicals and are grown on surplus produce from restaurants and supermarkets–and the veggies that go into our feeds never include GMO varieties. 


Grubbly Farms is committed to providing feeds and snacks that are wholesome and healthy for flocks, pets, and the planet. Fillers like soy can lead to a variety of health issues for chickens, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Additionally, soybeans are a water-intense crop that often requires the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides which can harm our planet. 

Insects, like our black soldier fly grubs, are naturally rich in protein and calcium! In fact, black soldier fly grubs contain 35% more protein than steak. Chickens, ducks, and other birds instinctually love foraging the Earth for grubs. A grub-based diet promotes better health for your flock while supporting feather health and egg production–including stronger eggshells, rich, creamy yolks, and unbeatable flavor. Learn more.

Grubbly's all-natural chicken feeds and snacks are not considered "organic." However, our recipes do not use any GMO ingredients, funky byproducts, or artificial ingredients. Black soldier fly grubs are at the center of all Grubbly products and our mission. Our black soldier fly grubs are sustainably harvested on leftover vegetables, fruits, and grains that would otherwise wind up in landfills. While many of these veggies and fruits are likely organic, our grubs can make a bigger impact by diverting organic and non-organic produce away from already overwhelmed landfills. 

Even without the “organic” label, you can rest assured that our protein-packed grubs and medley of farm-fresh ingredients will provide your flock with optimal health, including eggs with deep, creamy yolks, and the nutrients they need to maintain healthy, strong feathers.

Absolutely. Grubs are a natural and essential part of a chick’s diet! In nature, a mother hen would teach her chicks to forage for tasty grubs alongside her. So, you can begin offering your chicks grubs as early as a few days old. Just keep in mind that a little grub love goes a long way. Start with just a pinch or two for your brood (or a peck of two grubs) per day and keep chick grit and water available, too. 

Hand-feeding your new girls Grubblies is a great way to begin the bonding process. And grubs are an abundant source of protein that supports your chicks’ health as they grow! Additionally, grubs offer a natural balance of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. That is to say, that grub goodness isn’t just for adult chickens! Chicks can partake in the grub-glow, too. Learn more


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