Grubblies are a nourishing daily snack that chickens love! With every peck of sustainably-grown grubs, your flock will get the nutrients and minerals for healthier feathers and stronger eggshells. 

✓ Oven-dried black soldier fly grubs
✓ Farm-grown in the USA and Canada
✓ 50x more calcium than mealworms

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Fall in Grub Love

Grubblies are dried black soldier fly grubs,
a healthy daily snack that chickens love!

Stronger Eggshells

Get 50x more calcium than
mealworms with every peck.
More cluck for your buck!

Healthier Feathers

Grubblies are packed with protein for strong, healthy feathers. Essential when molting!

Easier Round Up!

Grab Grubblies at snack time
and get surrounded with love.
They'll come running!


100% Black Soldier Fly Grubs
Farm-grown and Oven-dried in the USA and Canada

Feeding Guide

Grubblies are a healthy, all-natural snack to supplement your flock's diet. Feed by hand, or by scattering them on the ground to encourage natural foraging behavior. A 16 oz. bag feeds up to 4 chickens per month.

✓ Introduce new foods gradually (tips and tricks here)
✓ For chicks, give a pinch or two daily starting at 3 weeks old to aid muscle development and feather growth.
✓ For chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, and wildbirds, give a handful or two daily.
✓ Double serving when molting! Be sure to increase your flock’s protein intake with Grubblies to help regrow their feathers and resume normal levels of energy and egg laying.
✓ Also a great source of protein for wild birds, lizards, and turtles!

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Where are Grubblies grown?
Farm-grown in the USA & Canada.

We're committed to raising the bar on the way we feed our pets, with uncompromising food safety and quality standards. With Grubblies, every batch of farm-grown grubs is safely and sustainably in the USA and Canada. Our farms operate according to EU standards, the highest standards in the world for growing black soldier fly grubs (even higher than the USA's standards). Everything from what our grubs eat (must be pre-consumer food waste) to how they’re dried (in a convection oven) is held to the highest standard. Every batch is then tested for any potential contaminants and pathogens to ensure the highest levels of food safety and quality.

Why do my grubs look different?

Grubblies are dried black soldier fly grubs, a species of insect that can naturally range in color and size (from dense and black to plump and yellow). Just like any protein, the color of the grubs will slightly change depending on how the grubs are prepared. While it’s tempting to “judge a grub” by it’s cover, both light and dark grubs are still the same insect, packed with nutrients.

All Grubblies are packed with protein and have over 50x more calcium than mealworms to help produce stronger eggshells and prevent egg-binding. Just one handful of Grubblies will give your flock more calcium than 5 pounds of mealworms so you can ditch those oyster shells. Get more cluck for your buck with Grubblies!

My chickens are picky, what should I do?
Don’t worry, picky eaters will love Grubblies too.

Most chickens fall in Grub Love immediately! If it’s not love at first peck, don’t worry. This is completely normal and there are plenty of easy tips and tricks for picky chickens. Give your flock about two weeks to transition to the look of their new healthy snack. You can slowly incorporate Grubblies into their current treats or feed. With a little bit of time and patience, your fluffy ones will go nuts for them!

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Grubblies Give Love to the Planet

1 Lb of Grubblies = 10 Lbs of Food Waste Recycled

Every year, over 52 millions tons of food is wasted in the USA without reaching the end consumer. As the food waste decomposes in a landfill, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that’s over 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The good news? Your flock’s Grubblies are as healthy for the environment as they are for your girls.

At Grubbly, we’re on a mission to nourish pets, while nurturing our planet. Our delicious, nutritious grubs are sustainably harvested, recycling mountains of food waste weekly that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

For every pound of Grubblies harvested, 10 pounds of food waste is recycled into organic compost!

So every time you nourish your feathered family with Grubbly love, you’re showing love to our planet too.

XO, Peck! -Team Grubbly