We’re raising tiny bugs, and big ideas for the future

When we introduced our Black Soldier Fly Grubs to the backyard chickens of America, our protein–packed, calcium-rich super snacks had flocks clucking from coast to coast. And as we watched our grubs recycle mountains of food waste, we knew we unearthed an insect worthy of our planet's love for a more sustainable future.

The key to a more
sustainable future

Each grub can consume a grape-sized portion of food. And because we feed them food scraps, they’re diverting waste from landfills, reducing methane gas, creating nutritious fertilizer and becoming protein-rich animal feed as they gobble everything up. And with every pound of Grubblies purchased, 10 pounds of food waste has been diverted from landfills, offsetting 7 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Because fish belong
in schools, not feeds

Modern agriculture has a fishing problem. This year, 25 million tons of marine wildlife will be caught, ground into fishmeal and fed to livestock. And most of the seafood we eat will be farmed on a diet of wild fish. By farming Black Soldier Fly Grubs as a large-scale, sustainable alternative to fishmeal, we allow more fish to live wild lives in natural environments.

For every pound of Grubblies harvested, 10 pounds are diverted from landfills.

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