Free shipping on orders of $40 or more!

Free shipping on orders of $40 or more!

We're in it for the long play

With Grubbly's sustainable superfoods, we can give our fluffy ones the world without harming our planet. Rather than using traditional sources of protein like beef or fish, every wholesome, delicious recipe is made with grubs, loaded with benefits and light on the earth.

A superfood for pets and a superhero for our planet

When it comes to the good things grubs can do, nourishing our pets is just the beginning. Here are a few ways grubs give love to the earth.



Recycles 10 lbs of food waste per 1 lb of grubs

We rescue wasted fruits, veggies and grains to feed our grubs, lightening the load on landfills.



Produces 20x less carbon dioxide than beef

By recycling food waste, grubs prevent millions of pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.


Saving water

Uses 2000x less water compared to beef

Grubs have the lowest water footprint per gram of protein than any conventional protein.


healthier oceans

Protects over 150,000 lbs of fish every year

We provide relief to our overfished oceans by using grubs as protein instead of fish. 

We’re proud to be picky

What we leave out of our recipes is just as important as what we put in.

  • Grubs

    Sustainable, farm-fresh protein

  • Vegetables

    Sustainable, nutrient-rich produce

  • Fillers, additives

    Non-nutritious ingredients

  • Fish, beef, chicken, lamb, pork

    Non-sustainable sources of protein

  • Soy, corn, palm oil

    Over-farmed produce

On a mission to make the healthiest, most sustainable pet food under the sun

0% fish, beef & funky byproducts.
100% sustainable, clean protein.

See how switching your pets to Grubbly recipes helps our planet

35 lbs


4 trees

worth of C02 Saved

106 miles

driven in a car of C02 Saved

96 miles

in an airplane of C02 saved

532 lbs


57 trees

worth of C02 Saved

1,578 miles

driven in a car of C02 Saved

1,434 miles

in an airplane of C02 saved

3,726 lbs


400 trees

worth of C02 Saved

11,044 miles

driven in a car of C02 Saved

10,039 miles

in an airplane of C02 saved

1 bag

of Grubbly recipes

1 year

of Grubbly recipes

1 lifetime

of Grubbly recipes

It all started in college…

...two cousins growing grubs in a laundry room, driven by the belief that there must be a better way to feed our pets while doing right by
our planet.

Grubbly Farms was born as we discovered a new kind of garden, packed with nutrients and easy on the earth.

We started with backyard chickens, creating golden grub-filled recipes with a fraction of the environmental footprint of traditional pet food.

Next, we’re building a future where all pets are happy, healthy and thriving, thanks to the goodness of grubs.

How we make our Grubbly goodness

  • Recycle food waste

    Our grubs consume a diet of fruits, veggies & grains that would otherwise go to waste.

  • Grow and harvest

    Every harvest of protein-rich grubs is oven dried without anything added. All natural, clean protein.

  • Craft farm-fresh recipes

    We blend our grubs with farm-grown veggies to make wholesome, delicious food.

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