Grubbly Farms
Gives Love to the Planet!

Every bag of feed and snacks gives back.

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Little Grubs,
BIG Impact

See how Grubbly's pet food is helping our planet thrive.

Lighter Landfills

We rescue food from restaurants and breweries to feed our grubs, lightening the load on our landfills.

Healthier Oceans

We protect our overfished oceans by using black soldier fly grubs as protein instead of fishmeal.

Cleaner Air

We give trees a much needed break by preventing millions of pounds of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Superfood for Pets,
Superhero for the Planet

Grubbly's black soldier fly grubs are packed with nutrients and sustainably fed with fruits, veggies and grains that would otherwise go to waste. So, every peck of Grubbly food that your flock eats is a tiny hug to our planet.

0% Fishmeal,
100% Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Many chicken feeds contain fishmeal, causing devastating effects further up the food chain. By using sustainably-grown grubs instead, we can help our flocks return to their roots with nature's original protein.

Making a Difference, One Peck at a time!

1 Bag of Grubbly Layer Feed
= 35 lbs of Food Waste Recycled and 10 lbs of Fish Protected

1 Bag of Grubbly Little Pecks
= 42 lbs of Food Waste Recycled and 12 lbs of Fish Protected

1 Bag of Grubblies Snacks
= 10 Lbs of Food Waste Recycled

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Grubbly<br>Layer Feed

Layer Feed

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Grubblies<br>Grown in the USA & CA

Grown in the USA & CA

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Grubbly<br>Little Pecks

Little Pecks

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