Grubbly Layer Pellets

Layer Feed • For Chickens 20+ Weeks 

With Grubbly Layer Pellets, your fluffy ones can enjoy a farm-fresh recipe inspired by foods they naturally love. Every peck is packed with nutrient-rich grubs, plants, vitamins, and minerals to keep them happily nourished. Strong, beautiful feathers. Firm, healthy eggshells. Rich, creamy yolks. Happy, energetic flock.

✓ Variety of Pellets, Whole Grains & Seeds
✓ Made with Grubs & Plants
✓ Soy-Free • Corn-Free • Fish-Free
✓ Farm-Fresh & Delivered Free

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A Naturally Balanced Diet
for Happier, Healthier Chickens

Feed your feathered family the way nature intended,
and watch them return the love!

Forage-Worthy Feed They Love

Nature knows best!

Chickens forage for insects and plants, not fish. Grubbly Layer Feed fuels your flock with a healthy diet they naturally love.

Healthier Eggs for Your Family

Taste the difference!

Our feed's wholesome ingredients deliver bright, creamy and rich yolks, resulting in healthy, delicious eggs for your family.

Beautiful, Strong Feathers

Essential for molting!

Our peck-sized pellets are packed with insect and plant-based protein, necessary for strong, healthy feathers.

Feed The Way Nature Intended
Insects and Plants

Chickens don’t forage for fish and fillers, so why put it in their feed?

At Grubbly Farms, we full-heartedly believe that nature knows best. So we’re saying no to fish and soy-based feeds, and YES to the natural diet chickens love! Insects and plants.

Healthiest Blend

Grubbly Layer Feed is the world’s first naturally balanced feed with insect protein as the No. 1 protein ingredient, the way nature intended. With a healthy mix of grubs, plant-based proteins, essential amino-acids, vitamins and minerals, your feathered family will stay strong, healthy and happy.

Ingredients with Integrity

From grubs and grains to marigold and flax seeds, your feathered family is getting wholesome farm-fresh foods, and essential vitamins and minerals to keep them happily nourished. And what we leave out is as important as what we put in. No fish. No Soy. No fillers. No additives. No byproducts. No compromises.

Sustainably Sourced

Most layer feeds contain fishmeal imported from countries where food safety and oversight problems are not up to American standards. Our black soldier fly grubs are a healthy, FDA-approved feed ingredient, safely and sustainably grown to naturally nourish the ones you love.

*See the photos above for our full ingredients list and nutritional analysis!

Feeding Guide

With Grubbly Layer Feed, you can keep your whole feathered family
strong, healthy and happy.

✓ Introduce new feed gradually. Tips and tricks here!
✓ Feed free choice as of 20 weeks of age or when laying eggs as a complete diet.
✓ Offer fresh water and free choice of layer grit to aid digestion.
✓ Nourish your whole feathered family! Great for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and quail.
✓ Savor all of the Grubbly goodness with our 30 lb bag, available for Autoship.

What is Grubbly Layer Feed?
A naturally balanced feed for happier, healthier chickens.

Chickens don’t forage for fish and fillers, so why put it in their feed? A chicken’s natural diet includes a mix of insects and plants to stay strong, healthy and happy. Grubbly Layer Feed is a nourishing, expertly formulated feed that includes nutrient-rich, environmentally-friendly grubs, along with wholesome plant-based ingredients to give your chickens the most naturally-balanced and beneficial layer feed they can get. When you feed your flock like family with a diet they naturally love, you’ll watch them return the love!

How does this compare to other feeds?
The world's first feed with insects as the #1 source of protein, the way nature intended. No fishmeal!

Conventional feeds add fish, soy, and fillers to provide the protein and essential amino acids found in insects. Grubbly Layer Feed is made with protein-packed black soldier fly grubs, along with nourishing plant-based protein, just like chickens get in nature. When you fuel your flock the way nature intended, you’ll see the benefits. Happy, energetic chickens. Strong, beautiful feathers. Firm, healthy eggshells. Rich, creamy yolks. Plus, Grubbly Layer Feed is the world’s first naturally balanced layer feed that is nourishing chickens while nurturing our planet. Don’t miss the “Giving Back” section to learn about your s-peck-tacular environmental impact!

I don’t see the grubs, where are they?
Our peck-sized pellets are packed with grub love.

As chicken parents, we know that our fluffy ones love to forage for insects and plants. So every small, peck-sized pellet is purposefully packed with essential grub and plant-based protein to keep your flock healthy and happy. The sweet aroma of our wholesome feed will have you wondering if you should join your girls for a quick bite. But take it from us, you don’t want to come between your flock and their Grubbly Layer Feed! It’s that good.

My flock is picky, what should I do?
Our girls are picky too, so we created a feed they naturally love.

Calcium dust, fishmeal and other ingredients have their health benefits, but what good are they if our girls won’t eat them? When you feed your flock Grubbly’s premium layer feed, you’re providing peck-sized pellets and wholesome ingredients chickens naturally love. And when your layer feed looks and smells as good as Grubbly’s does, you have to wonder… how will this affect the taste of my eggs? When you replace your fishmeal feed with Grubbly Layer Feed, you’ll see for yourself. And we’re pretty eggcited about it. Here is a feeding guide with tips and tricks to transition your flock to their new feed.

Grubbly Layer Feed
Gives Love to the Planet

It’s easy to look around the world and think, where is the love? Our landfills are overflowing with food waste, our oceans are being overfished at an alarming rate, and our population is rapidly rising causing a desperate need for an alternative protein.

✓ In the USA alone, over 52 millions tons of food is wasted every year before ever reaching the end consumer.
✓ Nearly 10% of the ocean’s catch is ground up into fishmeal to feed our pets and livestock, causing devastating effects further up the food chain.
✓ Forage fish are vital to healthy oceans, yet they’re churned into fishmeal as a key source of protein in chicken feed, which is mass-produced and labeled as “natural”. Yikes.

1 Bag = 35 lbs of Food Waste Recycled + 10 lbs of Fish Protected

At Grubbly Farms, it’s our mission to nourish our pets with black soldier fly grubs, while nurturing our planet. Grubbly Layer Feed is first layer feed in the world to nourish chickens the way nature intended using nutrient-rich, environmentally-friendly black soldier fly grubs.

Not only are black soldier fly grubs packed with protein eliminating the need for fishmeal in feeds, they’re also sustainably-grown consuming mountains of food waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

They’re a superfood for chickens, and a superhero for the planet. So every time you nourish your flock with Grubbly Layer Feed, you’re showing Grubbly love to our planet too! Thank you for being a sp-eggtacular human.