Mealworms or Grubblies

Making the Best Choice for Your Flock

If you own chickens, you know how much they LOVE to eat insects.

They will come running with eggcitement at snack time!

Not only can a snack provide essential nutrients to supplement their diet, it can also help you train your flock to get them back into the coop safely after free ranging.

Mealworms and black soldier fly grubs are the most common insects to feed your flock. Since these are two different insects, they have different levels of nutrients.

So which insect is a better choice for your flock?

Grubblies or Mealworm? Make the best decision for your flock


✓ Species of Insect: Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Packed with Protein

✓ FDA-Approved as a Healthy Feed Ingredient

✓ Never Grown in China

✓ 50x More Calcium for Stronger Eggshells

✓ Does Not Require Extra Calcium Supplements for Nutrient Absorption

✓ Fed a Diet of Vegetables, Fruits, and Grains


✓ Species of Insect: Darkling Beetle Larvae, Packed with Protein

✕ Not Approved by the FDA

✕ Mostly from China

✕ Low in Calcium

✕ Requires Oyster Shell Supplements

✕ Diet Unknown 


Grubblies or Mealworm? Make the best decision for your flock

Feed a Healthier Snack, See the Benefits

Grubblies are oven-dried black soldier fly grubs, a healthier snack that chickens love. When you switch from mealworms to Grubblies, you’ll give your flock a boost of essential nutrients for stronger feathers and stronger eggshells. They’ll come running!