A Healthy Blend of Grubs & Plants

Say goodbye to fishy feeds! Chickens love foraging for insects and plants, so let's feed them the way nature intended. Grubbly Feeds are naturally balanced with nutrient-rich grubs, plants, vitamins, and minerals for happier, healthier chickens.

✔ Naturally Balanced with Grubs & Plants
✔ Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
✔ Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Fish-Free
✔ No Byproducts, Additives or Fillers
✔ All-Natural, Earth-Friendly Recipe

Grubblies - Farm Fresh Grubs

Grubblies are a nourishing daily snack that chickens love! With every peck of sustainably-grown grubs, your flock will get the nutrients and minerals for healthier feathers and stronger eggshells.

✓ Oven-dried black soldier fly grubs
✓ Sustainably farm-grown
✓ 50x more calcium than mealworms

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