Meet Our Superfly Family

Sean Warner

Co-founder & CEO

Even though his bug burgers weren’t exactly a hit for his Georgia Tech buddies, Sean knew insects held the key to a sustainable food future. Everything he knows about rearing Black Soldier Fly grubs he learned through doing. Now, he’s combining his skills in construction management with his technical know-how to lead the Grubbly team through a series of exponential growth spurts.

Hidden Talents
Champion amateur potter, movie buff and proud owner of a near photographic memory.

Patrick Pittaluga

Co-founder & COO

The founder of two companies while he was still in college (and a savvy high school handyman), Patrick epitomizes the definition of entrepreneur. Naturally, he couldn’t help but be swept up in the commotion of Sean’s wild Grubbly Farms dream. With his background in business and supply chain logistics, Patrick takes care of marketing, development and sales, and he certainly isn’t afraid to get his hands a little dirty when need be.

Hidden Talents
Homebrewer extraordinaire, hotdog eating master (his record is ten in five minutes) and gaming whizz.

Devan Graham


A fellow Georgia Tech graduate, Devan had been quietly keeping tabs on Sean and Patrick’s journey since the outset. In 2016 he decided to offer up his expertise in mechanical engineering and project management to help lead the Grubbly Farms team out of the laundry room, and bring their sustainable food vision to life.

Hidden Talents
Pioneering outdoor explorer, melodic trumpeter and TV Binge-Watcher in Chief.

Hailey Dray

Director of Marketing

With a bursting love for animals, entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for digital marketing, Hailey came across Grubbly Farms in an “AHA” moment. Today, she's leading the marketing team and spreading the Grubbly Love from coast to coast.

Hidden Talents
Animal whisperer, slalom skier, and possessor of catlike reflexes.

At Grubbly Farms, we're passionately pushing the boundaries for a more sustainable food future.

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