Grubbly Little Pecks

Starter Grower Feed • For Chicks Ages 0-20 Weeks

Introducing the first-ever Starter Grower feed that mimics a chicken's natural diet using insects and plants. Unlike other feeds, every peck is purposefully packed with sustainably-grown grub protein and farm-fresh ingredients that chickens naturally love. Now you can feed your little ones the way nature intended with grubs, plants, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to help them grow strong, healthy, and happy.

✓ Non-Medicated, All Natural Crumbles
✓ Naturally Balanced with Grubs and Plants
✓ Corn-Free · Soy-Free · Fish-Free
✓ Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
✓ Farm-Fresh & Delivered Free

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A Complete, Naturally Balanced Diet
for Happier, Healthier Chicks

Feed your feathered family the way nature intended,
and watch them return the love!

Happy Chicks

Nature knows best!

Chickens forage for insects and plants, not fish. Grubbly’s Starter Grower Feed fuels your flock with a healthy diet they naturally love.

Healthy Growth

For Chicks and Pullets

Our feed's wholesome ingredients are full of essential nutrients, helping your chicks grow strong muscles and healthy bones.

Fluffy Feathers

Essential When Molting

Our crumbles are packed with grubs and plant-based protein, necessary to promote healthy, protective, fluffy feathers.

Feed The Way Nature Intended
Insects and Plants

At Grubbly Farms, we full-heartedly believe that nature knows best, so we’re bringing chicken’s back to their roots with nature’s original protein. Insects!

Healthiest Blend

Introducing the first-ever naturally balanced Starter Grower feed, inspired by a chicken’s natural diet in the wild. With sustainably-grown insects and plants, every peck is purposefully packed with wholesome ingredients that chickens naturally love!

Ingredients with Integrity

Our farm-to-coop feed is a blend of grub protein, plant-based ingredients, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. From grubs and whole grains, to sunflower seeds and marigold, it's filled with farm-fresh foods to help your little ones grow into strong, healthy, and happy chickens.

Plus, what we leave out of our feed is just as important as what we add. Our non-medicated crumbles are corn-free, soy-free and fish-free. No byproducts. No fillers. No additives. Just the good stuff to keep your little ones feeling their best.

*See our full ingredients list and nutritional analysis in our product shots above.

Sustainably Sourced

Grubbly’s Starter Grower feed is as healthy for our pets as it is healthy for the planet. Rather than using fishmeal or soy as protein, our crumbles are packed with sustainably-grown black soldier fly grubs.

Every bag of our chick feed protects 12 pounds of fish from our overfished oceans and recycles 42 pounds of food waste diverted from landfills. So, the feed is as wonderful for our peeps and it is healthy for our planet.

Learn more about Grubbly's mission to transform how we feed our pets while helping our planet thrive.

Feeding Guide

With Grubbly Little Pecks Starter Grower Feed,
you can help your feathered family grow up strong and healthy.

✓ Great for chicks and ducklings.
✓ Feed free-choice as a complete diet from hatch until 18 weeks old.
✓ Provide fresh water daily and offer chick grit if you introduce a healthy snack like Grubblies. Here are some benefits when treating your chicks to a snack.
✓ Your little ones may be hesitant to take their first pecks. Try gently dipping their beaks in their food and water to guide them.
✓ Gradually introduce Grubbly Layer Feed at week 18. Be patient with your fluffy ones as they slowly transition to their adult feed. Here are some helpful hints to ease the transition from starter grower to layer feed!

*Be sure to check out our full feeding guide for chicks here.

FAQs Coming Soon!

If you have a question or would like to provide any feedbawk, please email us at – we’d love to hear from you!

Giving Love to
Mother Nature & Her Chicks

At Grubbly, we’re on a mission to bring pets healthier, sustainable foods. With farm-fresh ingredients that give love to our planet, we can transform how we feed our pets while transforming the world.

Sustainably-grown black soldier fly grubs are a superfood for pets, and a superhero for the planet. Check this out:

✓ Lighter Landfills. In the USA alone, over 52 million tons of food are wasted every year before ever reaching the consumer. By switching to grubs (farm-grown on a diet of food waste), we can lighten the load on our landfills.

✓ Healthier Oceans. Forage fish are vital to healthy oceans, yet they’re churned into fishmeal as a key source of protein in pet food. Nearly 10% of the ocean’s catch is ground up into fishmeal to feed our pets and livestock, causing devastating effects further up the food chain. With grubs as protein, we can feed our flocks the way nature intended and provide relief to our oceans.

✓ Cleaner Air. As more food waste piles up globally, more harmful gases are released into the atmosphere. Although trees help us breath easy, they are constantly being cut down. With grubs as protein, we give trees a much-needed break by preventing millions of pounds of carbon from entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

1 Bag = 42 lbs of Food Waste Recycled + 12 lbs of Fish Protected

Grubbly Little Pecks Feed is the first-ever Starter Grower to nourish chickens the way nature intended using nutrient-rich, environmentally-friendly black soldier fly grubs. So, every time you nourish your flock with Grubbly feed, you’re showing #GrubblyLove to our planet too!

Thank you for being a sp-eggtacular human and a flocktastic pet parent!