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Chick Starter Bundle

Feed & Treats

  • Chick Starter Bundle
  • Chick Starter Bundle
  • Chick Starter Bundle
  • Chick Starter Bundle

Chick Starter Bundle

Feed & Treats

Stock up and save on everything you need to welcome new chicks to your flock! Set them up for healthy growth with our Little Pecks Starter Grower feed. Help encourage their foraging instincts with protein packed Grubblies. Maximize their health and help them build immunity with Prebiotics + Probiotics. 

Bundle includes one 30 lb bag of Little Pecks Starter Grower Feed, one 1 lb bag of Grubblies World Harvest, and one jar of Prebiotics + Probiotics (30 day supply)

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  • Healthy Growth
  • Strong Feathers
  • Supports Immunity
  • Little Pecks

    • Non-medicated, all natural crumbles
    • 19% protein for happy, healthy chicks
    • Essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth
    • Probiotics to aid digestion

    Grubblies World Harvest

    • Rich in protein for healthy feathers
    • 50x more calcium than mealworms
    • Essential amino acids for strong, shiny feathers

    Prebiotics + Probiotics

    • Supports health & wellness in addition to daily required nutrients
    • Strengthens immune response under stressful conditions
    • Introduce new foods gradually and give your flock access to grit to aid digestion
    • Feed by hand or by scattering them on the ground
    • Also great for ducks, wild birds, lizards, and turtles!

A natural food for our foraging friends

Chickens instinctually forage for insects, so let's feed them what they naturally love. Every harvest of grubs is sustainably grown and oven-dried for our fluffy ones to enjoy. They’ll come running for Grubblies!

  • Grubbly feeds are made to power our pets and the planet for years to come. Rather than using fillers like corn and traditional protein like soy or fishmeal, Little Pecks is made with sustainably grown black soldier fly grubs - a powerhouse protein that's better for them, and the planet. Our grubs are packed with nutrients and naturally harvested (no hormones, pesticides, or funky byproducts). Plus, chicks naturally forage for insects and plants, so Little Pecks is filled with farm-fresh grubs, vegetables and whole grains to nourish our little ones with foods they naturally love!

  • Grubblies help fuel our pets and the planet. Every peck of sustainably harvested grubs is loaded with nutrients for our fluffy ones. Grubblies are rich in protein for strong, healthy feathers, and contain over 50x more calcium than mealworms for stronger eggshells. Grubblies are also completely natural, which means they are not genetically modified, nor is anything added. Just shake the bag and watch them come running for a healthy snack they love.

  • No. We do not put medication in our Little Pecks chick starter grower feed. Medicated chick feeds contain amprolium, which can help a chick build immunity to coccidiosis. However, it also works as a Vitamin D/thiamine blocker and can cause thiamine deficiencies. Ducklings are more prone to and at risk for thiamine deficiencies, so always opt for a non-medicated feed for a mixed flock with ducklings, ducks, and waterfowl.

  • Grubbly offers two varieties of oven-dried black soldier fly grubs so there is an option for everyone. Grubblies Hometown Harvest are grubs grown on farms in the United States and Canada. Grubblies World Harvest are grubs grown on farms around the world. Both types are grown according to EU standards, the highest standards for growing insects in the world. Although grubs can vary in color from yellow to brown, the nutritional benefits are all the same for your flock.

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