Black Soldier Fly Grubs 101:
anatomy of a superbug

What are Black Soldier Flies, anyway?

These flies are native to every continent on Earth — you just haven’t noticed them because they go about their business in a clean and low-key way. Even if they wanted to bite you (which they don’t) they couldn’t, because they don’t have mouths.

Why are their Grubs so special?

Grubs (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) are about the size of a peanut, and eat a grape-sized portion of food every day. You won’t find this superfood at your local juice bar, but our Grubblies have chickens clucking for joy, coast-to-coast.

What do they eat?

Only the highest quality pre-consumer food waste will do. Rather than using animal by-products, we link up with juice bars, bakeries, breweries, and the likes to divert their food waste. While a mushy banana may not seem appetizing to you, our grubs would happily do the honors.

How do Black Soldier Fly Grubs become Grubblies?

  1. We collect pre-consumer food waste from bakeries, juice bars, breweries and the likes.
  2. We serve it to our hungry Black Soldier Fly Grubs.
  3. Once they’ve reached their protein potential, we oven-dry the grubs to create delicious Grubblies.

How much do my chickens need?

We recommend Grubblies comprise 5 to 10% of your chickens’ diet, or a small handful per chicken daily. One pound of Grubblies should last three chickens about a month (though they may try to convince you otherwise).

Are Grubblies organic?

The requirements necessary for the organic certification of Black Soldier Fly Grubs are not yet established due to the infancy of the insect industry in the US. Grubblies are 100% natural (Non-GMO, no additives or preservatives) and are oven-dried in the USA under USDA regulations.

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